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Pam and Ron Robertson

Dr. Tom

We met Dr. Tom 2 years ago when Ruby, our 1 year old Doberman, while running and playing at the dog park, tore the cruciate ligament of her left stifle (knee). After the injury, she was unable to put any weight on her leg (tripoding), and could barely stand up after laying down. After reading extensively about the various surgical procedures to fix the problem, we met with Dr. Tom, and he advised that Ruby would probably do well with in-home chiropractic and homotoxicology/homeopathic treatment. We were initially skeptical, because research stated that the only way to repair the damage was through surgery. We decided to give chiropractic treatments a chance, and if it didn't work, we could always have the surgery done. After only a few visits from Dr. Tom, it was obvious that Ruby was doing much better. Today she plays as though nothing ever happened. She dominates our other two Dobes, running, jumping and playing like she did before the injury! Dr. Tom also provides routine care (in home) for our cats. What a relief it is to let them relax and not have to put them in a crate and drive them to a clinic.

Thanks Dr. Tom!
Pam and Ron Robertson
Ruby, Sterling, Sofi, TinyCat and Blanca