Doctor Thomas I. Leininger, VMD,CVCP






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Lowell & Gloria Koehler

We feel truly blessed to have found Dr. Leininger for our two older Bichon Frises, Lady and Dragon. Dr. Leininger practices state-of-the-art veterinary medicine with a down-to-earth, easy to talk to, whole-body approach.

Dr. Leininger has truly worked miracles with Lady. In January, 2004 we brought Lady to him with a severe limp in her right leg. Within a few days after her first VOM Chiropractic treatment the limp was gone and she was actually able to run again. Dr. Leininger accomplished this painlessly and without the use of prescription drugs, only homotoxicology/homeopathic supplements. Lady has continued to receive VOM Chiropractic treatments from time to time and is still running and pain-free. Dr. Leininger also assisted us in making dietary changes that have greatly benefited both Lady and Dragon’s overall health.

Of particular appreciation is that Dr. Leininger genuinely listens to our health concerns for our pets and does not discredit our opinions or thoughts. His experience as a veterinarian for many years has proven invaluable in his ability not to panic when a pet’s health crisis occurs. Dr. Leininger’s mild mannered, friendly personality truly reflects the love he has for animals and respect he gives their owners.

Dr. Leininger’s mobile veterinary practice is unique in that he can come to your home thus avoiding a stressful trip to the clinic. He also has a state-of-the-art non-mobile veterinary clinic that is available. Dr. Leininger is always there for us.

We are true believers in his special approach to veterinary medicine and welcome anyone to contact us. Dr. Leininger is truly exceptional.

Lowell & Gloria Koehler